Jolly Gelatinous Cube at The Terrific Tiefling Tavern Personal Work

Movie Mashup-Prince of Frankness Personal Work

Girl From A Thousand Fathoms-Book Cover Design Commissioned by David Gullen

A Bunny Adventure Private Commission. Media: Watercolour and Ink

Metal Monocle-Deep Sea Cthulhu Commissioned by Metal Monocle

Pooh Trek Private Commission. Media: Pen & Ink

Orc Faceoff Private Commission

Empire Lrp-Highguard Mage Personal Work

Empire Lrp-Varushkan Monster Hunter Commissioned by Profound Decisions

Larp Awareness Awards Mascot-Mokujin Commissioned by LarpCon

Close Brothers Commissioned by Passion Inc

Sergeant Major Personal Work

Super Eagle Personal Work

Punk Badger Personal Work

Je Suis Charlie Personal Work

Agatha Hex Witch Personal Work

Dark Elf-Phyr Phyrdre Personal Work

Movie Mashup-Jango Unchained Personal Work

Movie Mashup- X Wing: Rogue One Personal Work