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I cut my teeth on the roleplaying game publishing industry as a freelancer. The requirements are usually of a very high standard of draftsmanship and technical skill, with a particular focus on figurative drawing. It's hard not to be intimidated by the works of Moebius, Meid, Vallejo, Sorayama, et al and it's that struggle to reach the same levels of excellence that keeps me humble as an artist.

I was lucky enough to have some early work experience that led me to meet Fred Gambino; back in the days before computers where he'd make model spaceships out of roll on de-odourants and everything was airbrushed by hand. I realised then, that art was something you could do as a profession. Seeing Dave McKean lecture at Loughborough University cemented the idea that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Just keep drawing.

Kaida Kaida Jekri, The Daemonic Librarian, private commission. Mokujin commission for Having A Larp/Larp Awareness Party Varushkan Monster Hunter, commissioned by Profound Decisions. Shadowrun character concept. Lord of the Rings commission for Harlequin Games. El Capitan Ron, Private Commission.